On the building & development side, we are constantly monitoring zoning and land use practices, building codes and the full range of local and state regulatory matters. In addition, the BRI often acts as advocate and ombudsman for its builder-developer members and is a vigilant and staunch proponent for the private property rights of all citizens.

Regarding realty matters, the BRI provides services addressing the full gamut of regulatory, operational and maintenance issues affecting apartment rental properties and co-op/condo property management.The BRI is comprised of seven major component councils representing virtually every sector of the industry.

The membership of the BI/BRI includes:

  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Owners and managers of commercial properties
  • Owners and managers or apartment rental buildings and complexes
  • Boards of cooperatives and condominiums and property managers.
  • Suppliers and professional service firms serving the building, realty and construction industries.

Joining the BI/BRI enables your firm to become part of an association with more than 50 years of experience in service, growth and performance. For just few dollars a month, it is an investment well worth making.

Membership in the BRI is a “win-win” proposition. It allows suppliers, service providers and professionals the opportunity to reach a focused market comprised of literally hundreds of building owners, managers, builders, developers and an equal number of presidents and board members of co-ops and condos. In turn, these “decision makers” benefit from a broad talent pool of business and professional services our industry generates!

The BRI’s services include regular meetings, informative seminars, group insurance, legislative monitoring, legal and technical advisory, first-class social events, an annual directory and buyers’ guide, and much more. Take time to peruse our website and learn more of our unmatched membership fees and benefits! We trust that you will see that, for a few dollars each month, it is an investment worth making!


Builders, Developers or Remodelers as a Primary Business are $500 per year

Suppliers/Service Firms/Sub-Contractors  are $365 per year

Landlord of one or more Apartment Buildings are $250 per year, plus $.50 per apartment unit

President,Officer or other Board Member of a CO-OP/Condo/HOA  are  $300 per year, plus $.50 per unit

Residential/Commercial Property Managers are $100 per year