The ACMA is a membership organization of cooperative and condominium property managers who oversee hundreds of residential properties in the Westchester and Mid-Hudson Region. The council provides a number of membership services to help managers run their properties more efficiently.


The benefits of membership in ACMA include:

  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Bulletin Services, Including Monthly Mailings
  • A Monthly Newspaper
  • An Annual Directory
  • Lobbying and Legislative Services
  • The council is strengthened by its affiliation with the Building and Realty Institute (BRI).

In 1995, ACMA released its ” Code of Ethics.”  The code contains guidelines that help define and enforce ” the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, both amongst property managers and in their relationships with their clients, suppliers and service firms.”

ACMA is proud to emphasize its code, the efforts associated with it and the members of the association who strive to provide clients with the highest level of professional service.

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