The Building & Realty Institute of Westchester and The Mid-Hudson Region

Message from the President


I am pleased and honored to help lead the BI-BRI during its 70th anniversary year. This is an exciting time for our association, still growing based on the solid foundation established by my predecessors, going back to 1946!

With the invaluable help of our institute staff, I am committed to reaffirming our mission to the industry, so vital to the economic well-being of Westchester County and the Hudson Valley Region.

Our mission is guided by the following principles:

1. Inclusiveness: To represent and serve our members, representing all components of residential and commercial building, realty management and related professional, supplier and service-based industries.

2. Enhancement: To help our members with knowledge and information vital to both personal and business growth, enrichment and productivity.

3. Education and Planning: To use the resources of the Institute to encourage best planning, zoning and management practices, raising the bar of excellence for environmentally- sound sensible and substainable growth and development.

4. Legal & Legislative Advocacy: To seek out opportunities to affirm principles of property
rights, fair and due process, equal opportunity, sensible regulation, affordable housing and
legislative reform wherever possible, all towards the free and fair pursuit of a better living and
working environment, with housing and economic opportunities for all.

5. Adherence to High Standards: Affirming and committing to the highest ethical standards of
professional conduct and business.
These points, our guiding lights through good times and bad, through periods of incredible
growth and devastating recession, were adopted decades ago and reaffirmed at the beginning
of this new century.

Our members can rest assured and be proud of the fact that we will continue to be guided by
these precepts for the next 70 years!
In solidarity, camaraderie and strength in the years to come, I remain

Very truly yours,
Carmelo Milio
President, 2016