The Building & Realty Institute of Westchester and The Mid-Hudson Region

Message from the Chairman

Eric AbrahamAs the Chairman of The Building and Realty Institute of Westchester and The Mid-Hudson Region (BRI) for 2016, I am pleased to follow in the footsteps of those who have served the building, realty and construction industry over the Institute’s 70 years.

I was honored to be President of the BRI for 2014 and 2015. And, I am now equally honored to serve as the association’s Chairman.

I am happy to pass “the gavel of leadership” to Carmelo Milio, the BRI’s President for 2016. Carmelo has served our organization and its affiliate groups in many ways. He is the former chairman of The Apartment Owners Advisory Council (AOAC) of the BRI. He also serves as a board member of that group and the BRI itself. Carmelo has served on many committees of the BRI. I look forward to working with him in helping to lead the organization in 2016, a year in which the association will be marking the 70th anniversary of its formation.

The BRI has been serving the building, realty and construction industry for decades. I have been privileged to be a part of that “Tradition of Service.” I have been a home builder for more than 25 years and have been active in the Westchester and Mid-Hudson Region. I have seen many changes to our region’s housing market, some good and some bad, but always a challenge to those willing to invest and build in this great part of the New York metropolitan area.

Our association is unlike any other building and realty industry organization. Everyone knows what a Chamber of Commerce is and what it does. The BRI is the premiere Chamber of Commerce when it comes to serving both the Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sectors. We provide a complete range of services to our members. Our members come from all over the Hudson Valley region, from all businesses related to the building, construction, property management, development, supplier, service and professional fields.

As you explore our website, I hope you get a better feel for who we are and what we do. There’s a lot to benefit from, from our numerous networking meetings, our special events, our workshops and seminars, our referral services and our official publication, IMPACT Newspaper. The publication is a fine showcase for our members, not only in advertising, but also in editorial exposure.

Should you have any questions about the BRI, its programs and membership levels, please feel free to contact Albert Annunziata, our Executive Director, or Jeff Hanley, our Associate Executive Director and Editor of IMPACT, at (914) 273-0730. I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by our level of professional service, business camaraderie and industry advocacy.

Very Truly Yours,
Eric Abraham, Chairman,
Building and Realty Institute of Westchester
and The Mid-Hudson Region (BRI)